Commercial Tank Cleaning

Commercial and Business Premises as well as Community Buildings that have installed water storage tanks, fire protection or other water saving systems such as water holding tanks or rainwater harvesting systems find over time contaminants, such as leaf matter, mould, dirt and dust will build up and will be required to be removed and the tank cleaned.

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These include:-

  • Commercial and large domestic tank cleaning and sanitising
  • Holding tanks
  • Animal drinking water
  • Aquaculture

Commercial_Water_TankPristine Water Systems (PWS) can help solve your problems; we are able to efficiently remove the sludge, organic matter and other contaminants from your water holding tank(s) and if required complete a sanitisation treatment of the remaining stored water and system.

In addition to our water tank cleaning services PWS also supplies and services a complete range of domestic and commercial filtration products such as countertop units / under sink systems for the lunch room through to ultraviolet (UV) and RO and reverse osmosis (RO) units to suit any application.


Do you experience any of the following?

  • Bad smelling water
  • Bad tasting water
  • Discoloured water.

Our solutions include…

  • Water filtration
  • Tank cleaning
  • Iron removal
  • Tannin removal
  • Water softening

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