Ultraviolet (UV) Sterilisation

PWS offer comprehensive advice on the best quality water filtration and sterilisation systems available for your specific situation and budget requirements.

If you have tank water at your property, this water is at risk of being contaminated. With a PWS UV water filtration system in place your family will be healthier. This system dramatically reduces your exposure to parasites, bacteria and viruses that lead to health problems such as diarrhoea, cramping and more.

Simply passing water through a PWS UV Sterilisation / Filtration system can destroy the sources of these illnesses, keeping your family safe from disease.

To find out more about a Pristine Water Systems Ultraviolet UV Sterilisation/Filtration system PWS UV Sterilisation-Filtration Brochure

Choosing the right UV water filtration system for your needs is as simple as contacting us.





Do you experience any of the following?

  • Bad smelling water
  • Bad tasting water
  • Discoloured water.

Our solutions include…

  • Water filtration
  • Tank cleaning
  • Iron removal
  • Tannin removal
  • Water softening

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