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Calibrating Ionix Water Testing Pens

There are many different water testing systems on the market. We have used numerous variations over the years, and we regularly review and test other systems to ensure we have the best tools available to us.

The Ionix EC5 EC-TDS-Salt Testing pen provides us with some very accurate results. However, you need to regularly calibrate the pen to ensure it is operating at its optimum.

Depending on the frequency of use and how well you maintain your pen, we would recommend calibrating weekly, if not monthly.

Our process of Quadclean™ includes testing the water before and after, checking the quality of water and providing evidence that the customer is receiving quality drinking water. This is especially important for those situations where the customer complains soon after a tank clean. In many cases, it’s other factors that will contribute to a degradation in the quality of their water, and not the efficiency of your tank cleaning.

We also need to test Water Correction systems for maintenance/servicing.

In the following video, we show you how to Calibrate your Ionix EC5 water testing pen. You also have instructions in your Operations Manual (Module 4), your Quick Reference Guide, and in the testing kit itself.