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Water Tank Pump

Problems on Filter Installs & Servicing

Common Pump Issues

Pump runs continuously   

  1. Pump has lost prime
  2. Leak on the discharge side.
  3. Sticking pressure switch (pressure switch models only)

Pump Cycles

  1. Leak on the suction, foot valve or check valve failure. All pumps should have an isolation valve fitted to the discharge to enable you to establish this fault.
  2. Leak on the discharge
  3. Failed pressure tank, check by removing pressure tank, invert and depress valve, if water drains   from valve, diaphragm in tank is ruptured, replace tank or convert to electronic control.
  4. Too much air in pressure tank, air pressure in the tank should be adjusted to 2 psi below pump cut in pressure. Always remember, when re-pressuring tank, turn off pump, open the nearest tap and add air.

Replacing pump

  1. When replacing pump with flooded suction, ensure that a check valve is fitted in the suction line.
  2. Allow water to flood pump before start up, open a tap on the discharge side to ensure all air is expelled from pump. Check to see that pump is full of water, if water pressure is insufficient to open check valve and fill pump, prime pump. Start pump.
  3. When replacing a pump drawing from a below ground tank, prime suction line and ensure that water is not returning to tank, then connect suction to pump and prime pump.


  • Close the discharge to the point were a minimal flow only passes to discharge.
  • You may need to repeat priming the pump to achieve correct operation.
  • Switching the pump on and off continuously also helps with pump start up.
  • A jet pump is more forgiving than a centrifugal pump in the above situation.
  • Centrifugal pumps may require more patience and attention.

We currently hold stock of Aquatron electric pump controllers, these controllers can convert the pressure switch/tank model pumps. See price list. Check valves are also listed.


Pump Curve Pressures