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Servicing a Softener System

Whether it is a system you have supplied, or one that you are servicing for a new customer, it is very important to ensure you follow correct procedures when servicing a Softener system.

Through the following video, you will be shown how to service an Autotrol Water Softener system. This set-up has a single washable sediment filter in place before the softener. The water is used for irrigation only.


There are many different Softener systems on the market. In fact, it is highly likely that you may come across a customer who has an older system that is no longer available, or something that Pristine may not stock.

The best course of action is to contact the Pristine Water Systems technical support team to discuss. There’s a high probability that we may have worked on these systems before, or have the technical knowledge to assist you.

We recommend that you take notes and photos of the systems you are servicing and attach that information to your client in PODAC. This will help with any future maintenance and servicing for that property/system.