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Testing Accuracy of pH Test Strips

Over the years, we have tested and used various products for testing pH levels in tank water.

As a critical element to the Quadclean™ process, and as a means in measuring improvement in our water correction systems, we need our pH testing systems to be accurate.

Most products work reasonably well, however, a group exercise using Ultrapen™ kits provided evidence that there were discrepancies in results. No direct cause could be attained, however, we suspect a combination of:

  • Regular Calibration
  • Pen probes not being maintained properly and kept moist
  • Poor handling of equipment (bouncing around in the back of vehicles).

We believe we have found a simple, cost effective and exceptionally accurate method in measuring pH with the Machinerey-Nagel pH Test Strips. The following video is a quick sample testing exercise that is basically spot on. We’re confident these strips will remain accurate, providing you with the necessary tools for the job.