Water Issues

Bad tasting water is one of the most common problems experienced by home owners. Whether it be a chemical or metallic taste from mains/town water supplies or be it a variation in taste from your own private tank water supply. Bad tasting tank water is a sign that potentially you may have very unhealthy water in your tanks!

Pristine Water System’s unique tank cleaning process, QuadClean™, cleans  and sanitises your water with minimal water loss, filtering and re-oxygenating the water leaving it clean and bacteria free.

We are also able to advise you on choosing the right water filters / filtration system to solve your water issues.

Water Disease

Tank water may be prone to developing nasty smells at various times of the year. These odours can be caused by a number of local conditions including decaying leaf matter, blossoms from a variety of plant species, and bird and animal droppings etc.

These contaminants can contribute to a number of health problems caused by a build-up of bacteria within the water tank.

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Bad Tasting Water

Bad tasting water is one of the most common problems experienced by home owners. Whether it be a chemical or metallic taste from mains/town water supplies or be it a variation in taste from your own private tank water supply.  Bad tasting tank water is a sign that potentially you may have very unhealthy water in your tanks!

Potential water tank hazards include:

  • Leaf matter, blossoms or flowers in gutters and on the roof
  • Leaf mould, tannin (water discolouration)
  • Faecal contamination from birds and small animals – frogs and cane toads
  • Dust, dirt and other contaminants
  • Mosquito and midgie larvae
  • Sludge and organic matter build-up


Staining of Walls, Paths and Driveways
Staining of walls, paths, driveways and bathroom/kitchen sinks can be the bane of a homeowner’s existence. But the good news is that Pristine Water Systems has the solution to remedy the problem!

Water containing iron is generally found in well, bore and spear water systems.

Pristine Water Systems provides and services the latest technology for the removal of iron, manganese and calcium hardness etc.

This type of water causes heavy staining along with clogging of copper pipe work and hot water services etc. This water also causes scum to accumulate in shower screens, corrodes dissimilar metals and is hard to lather.

Pristine Water Systems can provide a water analysis to determine the level of contaminants causing your staining problems and provide and install equipment to make your ground water soft and usable. Pristine Water Systems can also provide a product to easily remove Iron stains from fences and paths etc.

Fortunately it is as simple as contacting us, Pristine Water Systems can quickly and easily eliminate the above problems.

Staining of Porcelain; Toilets, Showers and Sinks
Blue-green staining in bathroom and laundry fittings, can be the tell-tale signs of acidic water (low pH). Low pH can also corrode and damage metal piping and fixtures by leaching minerals from copper pipes causing blue/green stains in sinks, bathtubs and toilets not to mention the potential adverse health effects of ingesting copper!

To find out more: Acidic Water Treatment.

Pristine Water Systems is able to complete pH & conductivity Water Testing and can also arrange for more extensive laboratory testing if required.

Flood Contaminated Water Supplies
Flooded Rain / Bore Water Holding Tanks

If your rain or bore water holding tank has been submerged in flood water, it is highly likely to be contaminated with organic matter that will be unsafe for human consumption. It may also be unsafe for showering and bathing.

Do NOT drink, shower, wash or bathe in flood affected water until steps have been taken to ensure that it is safe to use.

In most cases this will include draining, cleaning and disinfecting the tank, the pump and ancillary pipe-work etc. If there is a filtration system in place, this should also be disinfected and filter cartridges replaced. As a further safeguard Pristine Water Systems recommends post cleaning bacteria testing.

If there is no other source of safe water please seek immediate advice before drinking or otherwise ingesting.

Tank Cleaning and Sanitisation

At the very least, your rain water tank will require cleaning and sanitisation in preparation for future rainwater catchment. But there are other items you will need to attend to first:

  • Clean the gutters and roof of the catchment
  • Clean the downpipes feeding to the water tank
  • Clean insect  and overflow screens
  • Flush out all hoses and pipes to and from the water tank

The Pristine Water Systems professional tank cleaning process, QuadClean™ is designed to clean out your water tank, filter the existing water supply, and sanitise the drinking water and water tank.

Immediately following a flood crisis, however, the quickest and best solution is for you to dump the contaminated water out of the water tank and sanitise the tank as well clean the catchment area. By doing so, your water tank will be prepared for the next rainfall.

For the Flood victims, there are many problems that need to be addressed and sanitising the water tank may be the last thing they will think about. Unfortunately missing this critical step could make your family extremely sick, by drinking or using contaminated flood water in and around your home. So we ask you to remind your friends or family who fall victim to natural disasters such as floods that they need to clean and sanitise their rain water tank and catchment as soon as possible.

Please contact Pristine Water Systems if you have any further questions.

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Flooded Mains Water / Water Filters / Drinking Water Purifiers  

In most cases you should be advised by authorities if your mains water supply is either safe or unsafe for drinking and showering etc.

If in doubt check with your local health department or water treatment authority as a matter of urgency.

If there is a likelihood that the mains water treatment plant in your area was flood affected, it is possible that your home filtration system or under-sink drinking water purifier filter cartridges may have been in contact with contaminated mains water for a period of time and may require changing. Your local council, local health authority or water treatment provider will be able to confirm if this event is likely to have occurred.

Where filter systems have been in contact with contaminated water supplies, the system should be disinfected and filter cartridges replaced before using.

NOTE: This advice is of a general nature only. For further advice please contact your nearest health services authority.